Weddings, like people, are becoming more increasingly unique and individual every day. The days of having the simple choice of a church or a registry office are long gone. More and more non-traditional venues are opting for marriage and civil partnership licenses as well as wedding ceremonies conducted by celebrants with the legal side done privately.

We’ve put together a list of our favourite alternative wedding venue ideas to help get you inspired. Please note, we’ve focussed on the totally non-traditional avoiding commonly used venues like country halls and manors.

Celebrate In A Brewery

The popularity of craft, smallscale and microbreweries has surged over the last few years. Breweries are doing more with space they have available, creating cool venues surrounded by brewing equipment and fresh beer.

Weddings in breweries are perfect for arranging the special day of a couple who’re fanatic about beer! You can celebrate with a fresh pint of your favourite tipple whilst capturing some amazing photographs.

If your budget can stretch to it and a glass of wine is more your thing, a vineyard can also be a perfect summer wedding location.

In A Barn

Weddings in old and unused barns can be absolutely stunning. Their old and quirky features can easily be accentuated to create a beautiful aesthetic that looks great on the day and in your photographs.

Barn weddings have become more common in recent years, however, they’re still out of the norm if you’re looking for something a little different.

Although they are available year round, a barn wedding will likely work best in the summer months.

On Safari

If you’re a couple of animal lovers, there’s no better place for your wedding than in a zoo or safari. Choose the ideal spot for the ceremony then head off to take some one-of-a-kind photos with some of the animals.

A wedding surrounded by wild animals will likely be one of the most unforgettable weddings that your guests will attend.

ZSL London Zoo can arrange wedding packages where you can get up close and personal with the animals.

If sea life is more your thing, a wedding in an aquarium could also be a great option.

By A Loch or Lake

A wedding by a loch or lake can a striking option for an outdoor wedding. The beautiful water can be used in the background during your service and in photographs.

If you’re about being out in the open, a marquee or tipi can be used for the reception and evening event. This will help to protect you and your guests from the elements and can easily be decorated inside.

At A Theme Park

For the thrill-seeking couple, a theme park or funfair wedding may be right for you. Celebrate your commitment with an exhilarating rollercoaster ride for you and all of your guests.

You’ll all be kept busy throughout the day, with rides and amusements all round.

Your photographer can try their hardest to capture some fun action shots whilst you’re on the rides and playing on the games.

In the Woods

If you love nothing more than exploring a stunning forest, a woodland wedding can give you an all natural wedding experience. Use nature for the perfect backdrop to your ceremony in a beautiful clearing then capture some rustic woodland photos.

Stick to the all-natural theme by cooking up the wedding breakfast on a couple of BBQs.

If you love nature but would prefer something indoors, a treehouse wedding also makes for a natural themed wedding. The Alnwick Treehouse is purpose-built treehouse crafted from timber in the North East of England.

In A Warehouse

In contrast to the last suggestion, a warehouse wedding creates an industrial vibe that may be perfect for your special day. An abandoned warehouse is a huge space, filled with potential for the ceremony and the reception.

A warehouse is a blank canvas that can be transformed for any kind of wedding with a modern and mechanical heart through exposed brick and stainless steel.

Go To The Cinema

If you’re a total cinephile who’s passionate about film, a cinema wedding is perfect for you. A cinema wedding makes for some impressive photographs, pre-wedding entertainment and a memorable wedding.

A perfect example of this is the Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle upon Tyne. This beautiful art deco themed cinema opened its doors in the 1930s. It has retained its character with aspects like its red velvet curtain and decorative frames.

If you prefer the theatre, choose could choose an old theatre or playhouse for your wedding.

TV or Film Theme

Whether you’re crazy about Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones, it’s easy to find a completely unique themed wedding venue for your ceremony.

Themed venues are available with different packages available for superfans of a range of TV shows and films.

A great example is North Shire, a Lord of the Rings themed venue, perfect for anyone passionate about Middle Earth.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a wedding that’s a little different, think about what matters to you and your fiancé. Pick a shared love, activity or place you’re a fan of or a treasured memory. You can then use this to shape a wedding that’s perfect for you.

Use your imagination as this is your only limit when it comes to dreaming up your ideal wedding.

Author Bio
David Atkinson is a content creator at Icon Wall Stickers, a premium manufacturer of wall stickers and murals. He got married at a stunning cinema in Newcastle in November 2018.